The Low-Down

Tulsa Community College is a higher education institution in the Tulsa metro. Student enrollment is the main driver for all success on their report card. By driving spring enrollment leads for Spring 2021, Tulsa Community College was on track for an A+. 

By refining the Paid Search strategy, we were able to work with TCC to drive leads to an audience with an intent to enroll. Our audiences were prospective students who are in search of general community college with an intent to enroll in courses. 


Generate a 20% increase in qualified enrollment leads semester over semester.

See How We Did

Light Bulb Moment

Through reporting and historic data, we learned we could optimize the campaign to provide an optimal user experience to the right audience and achieve the highest-quality conversions (enrollment leads on the TCC website). 

"By making small adjustments to the bid strategy, we were able to tell Google what was an important action for our campaign."


Our strategy was simple: quality over quantity. 

  • We used strategic flighting to run campaigns during the client's peak enrollment period. 
  • We focused all efforts on what we knew to be qualified leads.
  • Using this knowledge, we optimized toward lead generation and shifted our bid strategy.
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We had a 146% total increase from the fall semester, surpassing our initial objective of only 20%.



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