The Low-Down

VYVE Broadband is an internet, television and phone provider serving rural communities in 150+ zip codes. For companies like VYVE, growth is a numbers game. By growing in-bound inquiries at their call centers, they could significantly expand their subscriber base.

To achieve VYVE’s growth objectives, we executed a Paid Search, Display and Video campaign in hundreds of markets. The goal was simple: Leverage Paid Search to increase call center leads by 13% year over year. We bring ‘em in. The call center seals the deal.


Leverage Paid Search to increase unique call center leads by 13% year over year.

See How We Did

Light Bulb Moment

Switching broadband providers isn’t a casual decision. It’s a pain point. There’s a contract to cancel. There’s fine print to read. And… the obligatory five-hour-late cable guy. Why do people do it?

“We realized that customers with poor service and frequent outages were a valuable audience. So we targeted them with a Paid Search campaign.”

Strategy, Tactics and Other Nitty Gritty

Our strategy was simple:

  • Position VYVE Broadband as the highest-quality internet, television and phone provider in the area.
  • Demonstrate value with our lowest prices and best deals.

We executed our Paid Search campaign on Google. Robust, easy-to-digest ads offered clickable links, compelling deals, a click-to-call feature and a customer contact form. It delivered the right offer at the exact moment customers were shopping for broadband services. And it wildly exceeded our campaign objectives.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)


Our campaign delivered a 37% increase in sales call volumes year over year. That’s 185% ABOVE AND BEYOND our campaign objective. It was a textbook example of the power of Paid Search.



What can Paid Search do for you?