One Gas Case Study

The Low-Down

ONE Gas is the largest natural gas provider in the tri-state area of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. To protect the public, they promote safe digging practices for homeowners and commercial contractors. Specifically, they encourage everyone to call 811 so that underground utility lines are marked before digging projects. Because damaging a natural gas line can be unsafe and may cause outages. 

To increase calls to the 811 service line, we piggybacked on the industry's National Safe Digging Day. The event is held annually on August 11th (8-11, get it?). Our campaign was called "11 Days of Giveaways for 811 Day."


Increase total engagements by 10%, and receive 500 total contest entries.

See How We Did

Light Bulb Moment

To activate our education efforts, we needed to engage our audience in the platform they were already in – Facebook. So we adapted the ONE Gas Safe Digging Quiz into a social media contest packed with prizes that appeal to do-it-yourselfers. Yeti coolers. Gas grills. Gardening tools. 

"Having a recognizable date attached to calling 811 before a digging project… That’s yet another way to raise awareness.”
— Dawn Tripp, Manager of Public Relations for Kansas Gas Service


To ensure that communities would use safe digging habits and call 811 before digging, we devised a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Position ONE Gas as the go-to resource for Natural Gas Safety. 
  2. Encourage the audience to take safety measures seriously and consistently. 
  3. Incentivize the audience to actively participate in Natural Gas Safety Education. 

To execute, we launched both Paid and Organic Facebook campaigns that engaged customers across three service territories. We wrote, scheduled and monitored posts. We picked daily contest winners and communicated with Facebook followers. We brainstormed prizes and coordinated logistics.

811 Day Campaign


11 Days of Giveaways was successful in more ways than one. Followers on social media increased by a whopping 68% and engagements were off the charts. And get this: By receiving over 1,900 contest entries, 280% more than our initial objective, we fulfilled our mission of educating the audience about safe digging. 


What can Paid and Organic Social do for your brand?