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Audio production. We've got it dialed in.

From TV spots to web videos, documentaries to broadcast radio, sound design is the secret sauce in the production mix. Crisp audio is essential to delivering your message and seizing audience attention. It can rouse deep emotions and transport audiences in time and space. It can impart a sense of realism to any medium or genre. Perhaps that’s why sound is known as “theater of the mind.”

Great audio is all about nuance, timing and precision. The magic is in the details. If you want your audio production done right, you need seasoned professionals on the case.

What is audio production?

VI has assembled industry-leading audio production capabilities in-house. Our audio engineers utilize:

  • Pro Tools 11 HD production software – the same platform used by every major recording studio in the world.
  • Hollywood-level production music. The music you hear in our spots appears in movies, primetime TV and ads from the world’s largest advertisers.
  • A pool of more than 100,000 voice talents worldwide. We’ve used voice actors from Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and all over the U.S.
  • An in-house production studio for precision mixing and mastering.
Graphic: The speed of sound is around 343 meters per second. Sound travels 4x faster in water than it does in air.
Graphic: Radio increases brand share 9% in the first 24 hours after a consumer is exposed to an ad
Graphic: 91.5% of Americans age 12+ who listen to radio every week
Graphic: Making up about 30% of the population, auditory learners absorb information best through sense of hearing

Why VI?

VI’s producers and engineers have spent decades honing their craft. We learned from the best in the business to become the best in the business.

Our ear for subtlety and drive for perfection yield spots you can be proud of. If you want sound design that will push your content to the next level, give the pros at VI a try.

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