We don’t create brands, we uncover them.

Successful brand development takes a little time, and is equal parts discovery and creativity. Creativity is the sexy part. It’s the discovery part where we roll up our sleeves.

During your Brand Dig process, we excavate the layers of your organization and explore every layer of your competitive environment. Through an intensive six-step process, we unearth your true brand position and develop a brand position that is authentic and appropriate for you alone.

The VI Marketing and Branding Brand Dig process map

"We can afford to lose money, even a LOT of money. But we can' afford to lose reputation, even a SHRED of reputation." - Warren Buffet
"Coca-Cola's market cap is $170B. With assets of $91B, their brand alone is worth $79B."
Things Americans are most loyal to: 1) their pets 2) favorite bands 3) sports teams 4) their church 5) alma mater
"Customer loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase."

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