Social Media

We are big on social graces.

How popular are you? Get invited to a lot of shindigs? Social media isn’t too different from your social life. You can be the life of the party. Or you can make awkward small talk with strangers over a plate of warm onion dip.

Social media strategy
You know the platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Maybe you tuned out because you stopped caring that your uncle’s ex-wife was making vegan meatloaf. But hopefully you know this: Social media is a legitimate, multi-billion-dollar marketing channel. It’s not your daughter’s chat room or your mother’s scrapbook. Social media marketing has staked its claim in the marketing world.

Your prospects are on a variety of social platforms, so you should be too. And it doesn’t matter which ones you like personally. It matters where your customers are, what they do while there, and how they interact. Think of it like this: If it’s a swim party, don’t be the guy that shows up in a suit. If it’s a cocktail party around the pool, leave the Speedos at home. Your job is to fit in and be relevant. That’s where we come in.

Monthly Activities

  • Posting
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Content aggregation
  • Measurement

Recent Social Media Blogs

Since 2010 the percentage of Americans who follow brands on social media has more than doubled.
Instagram now has over 300 million users. Twitter has 284 million.
Facebook now serves ore video than YouTube. Nearly 1/5 of the population relies on Twitter and Facebook for their morning news.
Social networking accounts for 28% of all media time spent online.

Why VI?

There’s always that one guy at the party. The epicenter of cool. The social butterfly soaring on a breeze of popularity. At VI, we make your brand that guy. We make introductions. Play the matchmaker. Get people to take notice. We make you look like a leader.

VI was one of the first integrated marketing firms to have its own social media department. We’re not figuring it out. We’re polishing a gemstone. Our social media personnel know how to grow and motivate audiences, to engage them, to push them down the sales funnel. The platform doesn’t matter. How you use it means everything. We have B2B and B2C specialists in each major platform.

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