Video Production

You ought to be in pictures.

There’s little debate. Video is the most popular way to communicate. That’s why we’ve placed extraordinary emphasis on bringing the best video and motion graphics expertise in-house. We call it our Motion Department. No matter the size or screen, your story is scripted, shot, edited and treated graphically by the same collaborative team, from beginning to end. No outsourcing or lack of quality control.

We follow a simple credo: story is king. From short form (Vine, Instagram) videos to full-scale television commercials, we pre-visualize, brainstorm and painstakingly plan every detail of every video production.

Stories articulate brands, prolong engagement and close deals. They make you interesting. They humanize your organization, providing prospects and customers a real way to connect with your brand.

Cinematic expertise.

Nobody has higher expectations of us than us. Video and motion graphics are no exception. We are experts in the use of modern cinematic tools. No matter the camera, lens or graphics package, our professionals choose the equipment that’s best for your project, not what we own.

Video production expertise


With thousands of hours spent in post-production each year, we are well-versed in all of the major nonlinear editing programs, including:

  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe After Effects

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Why VI?

Our Motion Department is intentionally built to be adaptable, because no two projects are alike. We transform into the perfect tool for every storytelling mission, adapting to handle small jobs, medium jobs, even program-length documentaries. With in-house directors, producers, writers and the most modern equipment, we are as efficient as we are creative. Our awards for video production are too numerous to even remember because the next project is the most important one.

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