Marketing Strategy

No two snowflakes are quite alike.

But when it’s snowing outside, what’s the difference?

In marketing, blending in with the blizzard won’t cut it. Even if you share product types and customer segments with your competitors, your marketing strategy should be starkly original. VI has deep capabilities in strategic planning and development.


"Situation analysis > objective > strategy > tactics"


So what exactly is Marketing Strategy?

If someone asked you to dig a hole, how would you do it?

  • A sapling needs one kind of pit.
  • A fence post needs another.
  • A nuclear bunker beneath Mount Rushmore?

Ditch the shovel and grab some TNT.

You can’t just go dig a hole. Why you’re digging is the all-important question. It’s the starting point of a groundbreaking strategy. Too often we’re asked to develop a TV spot, to help with SEO or to develop a tradeshow booth. But after taking a deeper look at the challenge we find that we need to do something completely different. At VI our strategic planning process is born from research. We gather data to analyze the state of your business. We figure out what the questions should be before we provide the answers.

  • What obstacles do you face?
  • How do potential customers see you, your brand and your industry?
  • Where do your prospects get their information?

Only when you understand the landscape, can you figure out how to navigate it.


"1450: Gutenberg's metal movable type, leading eventually to mass-production of flyers and brochures." "1836: First paid advertising in a newspaper."
"1922: Radio advertising commences." "1941: First recorded use of television advertising." "1950: Systemization of telemarketing."
"1984: Introduction of guerrilla marketing." "2000s: Integrated marketing gains acceptance."
"2010: Advertising is pronounced dead and Visial Image Advertising rebrands as VI Marketing and Branding." "2015: VI revolutionizes the strategic marketing process."

Why VI?

Our entire business is built to deliver expert marketing counsel. At a typical agency, you’ll deal with “account people.”  At VI, you are served by marketing strategists. And the difference is anything but trivial. Our strategists don’t ask what, they ask why. They are trained to provide creative solutions to the most complex marketing challenges. Because strategy is the driving force behind everything we do. 

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