Social Marketing at VI

The Art of Changing Hearts

VI Marketing and Branding is a regional marketing firm in Oklahoma City. We deliver deep expertise in branding, strategic planning, public relations, social media, digital media, creative development, media services and comprehensive marketing programs. We are also experts in social marketing, a discipline our competitors have all but ignored.

Social Marketing at VI

Not to be confused with social media, social marketing is designed to change norms and behaviors with the goal of improving communities. We’ve developed campaigns to conserve natural resources, encourage recycling, improve public health, protect infants and children, and promote public education. For us, the challenge is brilliantly rewarding.

Digital & E-mail & Social – Oh My! Reaching and Engaging Audiences in Oklahoma

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Greta Anglin
Group Account Director
VI Marketing and Branding


Lindsey Funk
Account Supervisor
VI Marketing and Branding


Rachel Merritt
Social Media Director
VI Marketing and Branding

Scott Gokey

Scott Gokey
Senior Digital Integration Strategist
VI Marketing and Branding

Poster Presentations

The following posters were showcased at the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media 2017 and highlight digital tactics utilized by the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.

  • OTH Website: Optimizing Your Website to Convert Users
    • Greta Anglin
  • OTH Email Campaigns: Why Targeted Email Marketing Should be in Your Inbox
    • Lindsey Funk
  • Targeting Medical Professionals with Non-Traditional Tactics
    • Elyse Maxwell

Case Study Videos