Digital Media

Your prospect is online. Your message should be too.

Digital display is measurable in real-time. As a campaign runs, we get precise data on:


This allows us to optimize campaigns while they run, moving our dollars to websites, dayparts and messages that are performing the best. It’s a marketer’s dream.

How do we do it?

How do we do it? Once we gather behavioral intelligence, we can deliver highly targeted messages to prospects. We can target prospects who were interested enough to visit your website but who didn’t take any action. We can serve targeted messages to remarket to prospects who searched for specific keywords. We can test competing messages and designs against one another to see which performs best. A/B testing lets us know how well an ad performs before we blow the entire media budget on it.

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Why VI?

At VI, views and clicks aren’t the goal. Creating leads is what drives our strategies. Our digital display specialists work exclusively on display campaigns. They don’t handle paid search, SEO or social media. We’ve got people for that. 

Turning prospects into customers is what matters. We have the expertise to understand where prospects are in the sales funnel and what tactics will move them to the next stage.

  • We serve our own digital display ads, allowing us to monitor results in real-time.
  • We can optimize every campaign as it runs, improving our success every day.
  • We don’t wait on monthly reports or rely on vendors to optimize our campaigns.
  • Real-time optimization is the most important function our digital display specialists perform. Because every dime of your budget is valuable.

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